Do you own a local small-medium business? 

Do you want more potential clients or customers find you on google maps? 

Claiming and verifying your business on Google My Business listing is a MUST.

Google Places Optimization in Calgary

In fact, taking care of this simple aspect dramatically increases your chances of showing up and ranking higher on Google Maps. Not only Google Maps but other organic searches for products or services that you offer.

Google my business page is not something to be ignored. When you rank higher on Google Maps you get more calls, more clicks, more customers, and more sales and revenue for your business.

Here are 3 strategies to optimize your Google My Business page so you rank higher on Google Maps in 2022

1. Give Consistent Business Information

One of the vital things to do is to share the key business information. Business information details also known as NAP (name, address and phone number) are just the basics to creating a listing on Google My Business. But you are not just limited to only this basic business information.

The key to success with NAP is being consistent. Across all of your business social media profiles, listings and Google My Business you need consistency. Ensure you make sure that the way that your business name, and your address and your phone number are written out stay the same across all of your profiles.

Google My business local NAP

No exceptions apply where you can deviate from the standard way of writing out your business name, address and phone number. This needs to be the same all the time. Make sure that you’re ironing out exactly what you want to be called, how you want to describe your business address, and what format of phone number you’re going to use.

Other business information such as:

  • Opening Hours

  • Email Address

  • Types of Payments Accepted

  • Menu of Services

  • Appointment Links

Google My Business also allows you to create a business description. With creating a business description, you only have 750 characters (of which only 250 show up in the search result), so make sure to write a solid, sharp description. Another aspect of the NAP that should be taken very seriously is the category.

What category does your business fall under? Inputting the category on Google My Business, helps Google Maps filter out if your business is a match to the search or not.

Ensure that the category you choose is the most relevant and is what you actually do offer. If you are unsure,do a search on Google for your business type and see what comes up on Google Maps. Results you get on Google Maps will show you the category that the businesses you searched for come up under.

Completing your Google My Business description helps with Google Maps, as those details are used when a potential customer is searching for a specific business.

2. Ask customers to review you

Biggest secret to ranking higher on Google Maps is to have reviews on your Google My Business page. Try to get as many reviews as possible. Not just any reviews, five star reviews. This means being very selective about who you’re trying to get the reviews from, making sure they’ve had a positive experience, and then encouraging them to leave a review.

Online reviews are incredibly valuable as a social proof to help your business stand out among other search results. In fact positive reviews inspire consumers to trust more a business so.. Ask your happiest customers to help you out and leave an honest review of their experience with you.

ask for reviews

People are going to need to have a Google account, meaning a Gmail address. If you have customers who have a great experience from you, encourage them to give you a review. A review on Google if they have an account with them and to give a five star review.

Businesses with four or five star reviews rank higher on Google Maps, so it is in your best interest to get those reviews from customers on your Google My Business page.

3. Add Photos, Add posts

Do you spend hours posting to social media about your business and what is happening? You can repurpose those posts and put them on your Google My Business account.

Types of posts you can add are

  • Updates

  • Events

  • Offers

  • New Products

Google posts are like ads with an image, a little text and a call to action (CTA) where you can redirect the visitors either to homepage or one of your landing pages.


post daily on your google my business page


Google My Business page has a lot of space for photos, and you don’t want to neglect this. Upload a plenty of photos such as

  • Interior of your business

  • Exterior of your business

  • People at work (Pictures of you, staff members, and other team members you have)

  • Videos if you have any

  • Branding images like logos

Images including photos and videos of your local business, not only helps to optimize your listing on Google but also to make the visitor already familiar with it. Humanize your business by showing the people working there.

Having these images makes you more relatable and ranks your business higher as people pay more attention to Google Maps listings that have an image. Make sure to upload as many pictures as possible. Now here’s an insiders hack.

TIP: Label (reletavely name) you photos before posting

What you want to do here is you want to label the pictures again with your

  • Business Name

  • Category

  • City, Province, or State you’re in and serve

Include all of that inside the picture name, as they provide valuable cues to Google about you and your business.

user experience sketch

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