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Philosophy & Mission

We’re a Calgary-based digital company, with a national reach. We truly understand that “our success is measured by our client’s success” so we do our best to be more than just a design asset. We engage with clients like we are partners. Through our discovery and research, We help you understand more about your target market, audience,  personas and their pain-points. That should get you closer to your companies end goal and vision.

Founded in 2008, we’ve built our reputation by partnering with companies looking to revitalize or upgrade their online presence and drive measurable results to their business. Our clients range from small businesses to some of Canada’s largest industrial auctioneers , or vacuum truck manufacturers. 

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How We Work

Our Process

Before anything we need to truly understand your marketplace and business objectives and create a clear strategy. Then we start the design processOur clients look to us for digital strategy, high converting designs, and ofcourse, a solid project execution. Our specialties include Website design, web development, search engine optimization, online marketing, social media, strategy and so much more. 

Credible Staff

We know our Stuff

Our team includes business strategists, programers, SEO specialists, and ofcourse graphic designers. From our daily experience to contributions to industry press and through our qualifications in the digital marketing and design certification programs, we stay ahead of the curve and are very focused on learning more.

Our best possible credentials are the work we do and the kind of companies we work with

BravaDesign Certificates

We don’t always work with big fancy brands.But when we do, it’s usually one of these guys.

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Our Web Development Services

BravaDesign’s Custom Web Design Team create sites that perform well. From High-level Lead Generations and eCommerce website to Content Management Platforms like WordPress and Drupal. 

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“Genius is making complex ideas simple, not making simple ideas complex”
-Albert Einstein





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